Apple AirPods have a new competitor- Amazon Alexa earbuds

amazon working on alexa earbuds

We know that Amazon offers everything from A to Z. So why not enter the earbuds market? Reports suggest that Amazon is already working on launching a pair of earbuds that comes Alexa support. This appears as a direct competitor for other earbuds- especially with Apple’s AirPods and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds.

These Amazon earbuds are also truly wireless- without requiring clips or cables to stay put in your ears. But the big difference is that Amazon is integrating Alexa into the earbuds. This allows the user to access Alexa with just their earbuds on- like asking Alexa to play music, shopping on Amazon, etc.- just like “Hey, Siri” on Apple’s second-gen AirPods.

But there is a small catch here. This IoT device reportedly won’t be offering built-in LTE. So, you’ll still need to hitch the earbuds to a smartphone to access Alexa! This requires Amazon to work with Google and Apple for Alexa integration. We need to wait and see how Apple reacts to this proposition.

Rest of the features is pretty basic for today’s earbuds- great audio quality, a storage case to charge the earbuds, feature and gesture controls. But we still don’t know anything about the price or when Amazon may release it to the market. But if all goes smoothly, this pair of earbuds can be a serious competitor for Apple AirPods.