Amazon Sidewalk will connect devices in and around your house

amazon announces sidewalk for iot

Amazon has announced Sidewalk - a wireless protocol that will connect IoT devices in and around your house. The Sidewalk is a low-bandwidth, long-distance wireless protocol that is being developed by Amazon. It will soon connect the IoT devices in the near vicinity of a house.

The intermediate and long-distance range for controlling the IoT devices has been somewhat of a challenge for the world. But with this announcement, we finally have a great solution. “People don’t even realize yet how important that intermediate range is going to be, for things like lights in your yard, controlling your lights on your sidewalk in the street,” Chief Executive Jeff Bezos said about Sidewalk’s range.

The launch was announced at Amazon’s annual hardware event held at Seattle. The Sidewalk will use a 900 MHz spectrum to connect the devices. Amazon has said that it will be publishing the new network protocol soon. It further said that the protocol was tested to connect devices across Los Angeles.

With the introduction of the Sidewalk, developers now have the freedom to explore new products which can be placed further than the reach of a normal wireless signal. The launch is significant and a landmark one as it will usher in a new wave of innovations.