Ford’s SYNC infotainment system has Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Waze

alexa waze in ford

Ford made a big announcement that included Amazon Alexa and Google’s Waze in its SYNC 3 (the latest one) for iPhone users. Having Alexa in Ford automobiles isn’t something new. However, Google’s Waze is something new. The Google-owned navigation service has been available on Android Auto since last summer, and now Ford’s integration means there’s finally a way to get it working with iPhones too.

In Ford’s EcoSport, the Waze is a seamless integration with an eye-level touch-screen. Although some may consider Waze’s features of reporting traffic, cops, and other things a distraction, it is still enjoyable. The features are slow as it is still in beta. This also means that some menus don’t quite fit the screen correctly, and the app has trouble closing.

Drive Away

With the new update from Ford that integrates with Alexa, there’s access to everything that the voice assistant is capable of on Amazon’s dedicated devices. The users can access any of Alexa’s skills from inside any Ford car with SYNC 3, instead of just a few particular ones (audiobooks, navigation, etc.) unlike previously.

For instance, you’re stuck in traffic and you might as well bring out your shopping list and be done with it, with the help of Alexa, of course. You can also ask Alexa to help you navigate to a specific destination. It’s surprising, but Alexa’s direction is faster than Ford’s own voice controls!