Abode welcomes HomeKit and Siri on its gateway

abode integrates homekit siri

Abode (certainly different from Adobe!) is out to launch its next generation of smart home gateway devices. In the market overloaded with home devices, Abode comes with a different solution. The Gen 2 is an IoT device that is basically a central hub that seamlessly integrated with various platforms including Zigbee, AbodeRF devices, and Z-Wave Plus. Compatibility with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Nest, LifX, Philips Hue, IFTTT, and ecobee are key highlights of Abode.

And now, it’s all set to welcome its support to HomeKit and Siri. Having support and compatibility with such a varied range of platforms is quite a rare thing for do-it-all gateways. But Abode is surely a unique product in the market.  It was announced that the HomeKit integrations for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 gateways will be delivered through a future firmware update.

Abode CEO Chris Carney said in a press release, “On the HomeKit front, Abode is 100 percent committed to bringing that functionality to users across our entire ecosystem of products and plan to have additional news to announce soon.” If you want a flexible smart home hub without tying down to one particular ecosystem, Abode is the one for you.  

The gateways are available with all the integrations for $279 kit that comes with a key fob to automatically arm / disarm your home security setup. The kit also includes a single door or window sensor and a motion sensor.