iOS users can now watch Full-Screen Videos on YouTube

ios youtube full screen video

This is something that users have waited for ages now and it’s finally here. YouTube has finally updated its iOS app that allows users to view vertical videos in its true format. This means that you don’t need to turn your phone sideways and see the black bars on either side. A vertical video is available for view, vertically, and on full screen!

YouTube had announced that it intended to bring out this feature way back in August. Some users had also had it activated. But as of this week, it’s being enabled for everyone. With more and more vertical videos being uploaded every day, this feature was much awaited. Now, iOS users can watch vertical videos the way it’s supposed to be watched!

Considering this feature being on Android for nearly two years now, it was long overdue for iOS users. However, there’s one small catch here. There are many vertical videos that won’t be displayed on full screen, vertically. That’s because YouTube had actually encoded with black bars on the sides, meaning they’re technically landscape videos. Most of the videos have ended up playing in landscape mode itself. Hopefully, this will be sorted out soon.