Intel aims to democratize AI through its educational programme

intel aims to democratize ai through its educational programme

Recently, Intel has announced to form a developer community initiative that will bolster the usage of artificial intelligence (AI) in diverse sectors across the country. The AI Developer Education Programme aims at educating 15,000 scientists, developers, analysts, and engineers on AI technologies including Deep Learning and Machine Learning in India.

About the educational programme, Intel said that it will run 60 programmes throughout the year, ranging from workshops, roadshows, user group and senior technology leader roundtables. The initiative will provide the know-how for AI adoption regarding the use of ready-to-deploy platforms and tools for solution development.

Managing Director of Intel South Asia, Prakash Mallya said, “As India undergoes rapid digital transformation, the data center and the intelligence behind the data collected will enable the government and industry to make effective decisions based on algorithms.  Our collaboration with the industry and the academia will help democratize AI, by reducing entry barriers for developers, data scientists and students. In India, we are targeting the BFSI, telecom, and e-commerce sectors, across High Performance Computing, big data, and IOT, all of which are complementary to AI.”

The need of AI-based technology is emerging in the sectors of e-commerce and research. By 2020, it will become the biggest workload in data centers with data analytics gaining more importance in businesses and governments. Intel believes that the use of AI in such sectors will create huge data volumes which will have to be analyzed, and its products will help us to become capable in handling tasks on machine learning, computer vision and thus maximize benefits.