Instagram Stories is a year old and is more popular than Snapchat

instagram stories is a year old and is more popular than snapchat

New stats prove that Instagram stories are way more popular than Snapchat’s. As Instagram stories turned a year old, Snapchat’s worries have seems to be on the rise. The feature allows users to share their moments as their Stories, which then disappears after 24 hours. But more importantly, brands and businesses on Instagram share their stories, making it more popular than Snapchat.

In the statistics that Instagram released tells us, users under the age of 25 spend more than 32 minutes and users above the age of 25 spend about 24 minutes a day on Instagram. These numbers are an advantage for Instagram, having a large young population using its platform.

When the stats come to brands and businesses, it is another yippee news for the Facebook subsidiary company. Nearly 50 percent of businesses on Instagram have produced and uploaded Stories. It was found that there was one direct message from an interested user for every one in five stories put up. The potential buyer accessing them makes Instagram more accessed.

Snap It!

Snapchat’s steps have slowed in its tracks as the score of Snap has continued to go down. Snapchat’s monthly active users’ growth rate has shot down from 17.2 percent in a quarter to just 5 percent. In addition, Snapchat’s share price has also plummeted. From its share price being $17 IPO, it has come down to $13. The number of users’ has also been advantageous for Instagram. While Snapchat has only 166 million daily users, Instagram boasts of 250 million.

It is true that the entire concept of Instagram Stories was taken from Snapchat. Many of Snapchat’s tricks and treats were implemented on Instagram like filters, stickers and more. Not to forget the Direct Message feature on Instagram. But that is just how business works.