Information Builders bring Design Thinking to BI and Analytics with new brand of process innovation

information builders bring design thinking to bi and analytics with new brand of process innovation

Business intelligence (BI) and analytics is about to get a makeover of sorts. BI market leader Information Builders have announced that the company has developed its own brand of process innovation via the well-known Design Thinking methodology.

According to the business intelligence (BI) and analytics, data integrity, and integration solutions provider, the approach enables customers to improve and optimize their BI and analytics projects, empowering them to research, design, and build tailored WebFOCUS applications that deliver on user needs and drive higher return on investment.

“Our Design Thinking for BI and Analytics methodology helps focus ideas into tangible, workable solutions,” said Gerald Cohen, president and CEO, Information Builders. “By emphasizing the importance of listening to the product’s users, our approach produces applications that support business growth, streamline the development cycle, and deliver on users’ expectations. This also creates a rapport between business and IT, engendering trust among both groups and increasing job satisfaction for all involved.”

Its new design thinking approach can be applied to any custom BI and analytics application development scenario. The approach ensures that the application is personalized to the unique requirements and expectations of its target audience regardless of whether it is a traditional data consumption project or the design of an intuitive InfoAppÔ for a specific user demographic.

Focusing on the company’s focused user experience research, Information Builders’ Design Thinking methodology; it guides customers in the design and development of custom BI applications that fuel end-user productivity.