IBM expands global cloud footprint with new Data Centers

ibm expands global cloud footprint with new data centers

IBM wants to own the cloud, or at least a part of it. Or the whole tech community is reading the signs wrong and how often has that happened? IBM has completely shifted its focus to the cloud and the evidence is showing. It has just announced four more data centers across the globe, bringing its total count to sixty. That’s quite something, considering the fact that it had less than 50 last year.

When IBM reported its quarterly earnings this week, it came as no surprise to see its revenue slump for god knows how many times in a row. But there was a silver lining among the clouds, in IBM’s case, literally. Its cloud revenue was up more than 15% from the previous quarter which came as no surprise (again) due to its rampant effort to reach the cloud.

“IBM operates cloud data centers in nearly every major market around the world, ensuring that our clients can keep their data local for a variety of reasons – including performance, security or regulatory requirements,” said John Considine, general manager for cloud infrastructure services, IBM. “We continue to expand our cloud capacity in response to growing demand from clients who require cloud infrastructure and cognitive services to help them compete on a global scale.”

The Data Centers are going to be located across three countries, US, UK and Australia. Two of them will be opened in London, while the others are located in Sydney and San Jose. This increases IBM’s data center footprint across 19 countries.

“IBM Cloud’s ability to support us in our international growth and reduce latency has been critical for us,” said Ben Tregoe, senior vice president of business development, Nanigans. “IBM Cloud infrastructure has helped put us in a position where we now process billions of post-ad click events, support over 16 million purchase events each day and help our customers track over 1.5 billion user profiles.”