Hitachi’s Object Storage Play gets a major upgrade

hitachis object storage play gets a major upgrade

Hitachi Data Systems updated its object storage technology. It has now added more storage capacity and improved the file sharing and data management. The Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) is the platform for the company’s object storage play. With the new upgrade, customers can securely store, share and manage their content, which can then be accessed from anywhere on any device.

HCP basically contains four products; HCP for software-defined storage, HCP Anywhere for file synchronizing and sharing, Hitachi Data Ingestor and Hitachi Content Intelligence. With the new upgrade, there will be nearly 400% increase in the usable storage per cluster along with 67% more storage node capacity via 10TB drives. In addition to this, there is also a 55% increase in objects per node and simplified software licensing.

The Hitachi content Platform integrates with public clouds too. It has the broadcast support for public cloud integration of any object storage solution. Other updates to the software include improved multipart file transfers to speed large file uploads. It helps the organizations in providing better visibility to analyze their infrastructure future.

The CTO of Hitachi Hubert Yoshida thinks that the product updates will help enterprises to take a step further in digital transformation. “The key to success will be the ability to free the data from their legacy silos and use them to augment new sources of data that can be analyzed to create new business opportunities. Object storage with its rich metadata capabilities, open interfaces and scalability can eliminate these silos.”