Here comes good news for chrome users, Google is creating a new ad blocker for chrome

here comes good news for chrome users google is creating a new ad blocker for chrome

Google is heading to create a new ad blocker for chrome browser that will be out in few weeks. It seems like counter-intuitive for a company that makes most of its money through advertising.

The new feature will block few types of ads that creates problem for users browsing experience- for example pop-ups, auto-playing videos with sound, sticky ads that take up a lot of screen real estate and prestitials that appears when you wanted  to get the content you are looking for. Few industries do not encourage the so-called Coalition for Better Ads, which includes members like Google and Facebook.

Google might choose to block ads on every site that include offending ads at all making site owners responsible for ensuring that the ads they host are up to code.

By introducing ad blocks that helps its own Google users to install third-party extensions like Eyeo’s AdBlock Plus. The tool charges advertisers – including Google – a fee to be included in its ‘Acceptable Ads’ program and to whitelist their ads. If the search engine creates its own solution, it will gain power to avoid paying Eyeo or other advertisers to run their ads.

This is really a big fact that to be considered- were ads earn Google $60 billion in revenues in 2016, and half of US user browser uses Chrome accounts. The company declined to comment at this time, but we are hoping for more good plans to come in.