UK’s NHS is setting up a National AI Lab

uk setting up ai lab

UK’s Health Secretary has announced a massive £250 million investment in Artificial Intelligence which will help the NHS system tap into the power of AI. The European superpower is setting up a National AI Lab to make this happen.

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “The experts tell us that because of our NHS and our tech talent, the UK could be the world leader in these advances in healthcare, so I’m determined to give the NHS the chance to be the world leader in saving lives through artificial intelligence and genomics.”

The NHS Long Term Plan had earlier pledged to use AI to help clinicians eliminate various variations in care. This investment will augment the pledge.

The newly appointed Prime Minister Boris Johnson commented: “Today’s funding is not just about the future of care though. It will also boost the frontline by automating admin tasks and freeing up staff to care for patients.”

Through the National AI Lab, NHS plans to bring together the best minds in the country together along with path-breaking companies to solve the biggest challenges that plague the healthcare scenario in the country. Cancer detection, new dementia treatments, and a better designed personalized care are among the many things that the new AI Lab will be working towards.