Syngene’s coronavirus testing technology may hit the market soon

syngene coronavirus testing technology may hit the market soon

Coronavirus is undoubtedly the most challenging health problem ever in the history. But without losing their spirit, many biotech and pharmaceutical companies are trying their best to fight the virus. As a helping hand, Syngene, the subsidiary of the famous and reputed biopharma company Biocon has developed testing technology for coronavirus which it says provides better results than existing technology. The company is in discussions with test-kit manufacturers to bring the technology to market.

The executive chairperson Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw says Syngene has been working on serological antibody testing kits. Serological testing can be used to detect antibodies present in the blood to identify people in a population who have come in contact with coronavirus.
“We have prepared an excellent kit, something that is developed on the S-protein compared to an Abbott or Roche which is from an N protein. This will be far more sensitive and not give false positive data. We now need to partner with a kit maker and transfer the technology. Manufacturing the kit is not our domain,” said Mazumdar-Shaw.

For almost all Covid-19 vaccine projects, the target is the S-protein or spike protein which helps the virus latch on to lung cells. If the body has antibodies against the Sprotein, which it can acquire through vaccination, the virus can be neutralized when it enters the body.
The company is close to tying up with an Indian kit manufacturer, but Mazumdar-Shaw declined to name it. Syngene is set to send it to the National Institute of Biologicals (NIB) for its go-ahead before sharing the technology with the maker. The cost of a test is expected to be a maximum of Rs 250, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw said.