Nusantics and East Ventures are making every effort to curb covid-19

nusantics and east ventures towards covid19

Since Indonesia has witnessed two confirmed Covid-19 cases, the number has increased to 900 as of now. The biggest hurdle the country is facing is the scarcity of test kits supply which is making it difficult to constrain the virus.

Nusantics, a local deep-tech startup in the field of genomics, and early-stage VC firm East Ventures are working towards restraining Covid-19. “Technology that Nusantics uses in skin microbiome analysis is similar to technology used to detect Covid-19,” Nusantics CEO Sharlini Eriza Putri said.

“Our sense of duty to Indonesia and the right background move us to contribute more,” Sharlini added.

Nusantics is dedicated in producing 100 test kit prototypes, following with producing 100,000 test kits.

As a support to Nusantics and BPPT, East Ventures rolled out a movement namely, Indonesia Pasti Bisa to energize its digital network and carry a fundraising campaign for the test kit production.

Willson Cuaca, East Ventures co-founder and managing partner will utilize the expertise in compliance and disbursement management, and IDN Media will offer skills in outreaches and storytelling.

Public are welcome to take active part in the initiative by contributing money, equipment, or skills. Crowdfunding is said to start on March 30.