DoctorOnCall joins hands with government to fight Covid-19

malaysia startup government fight covid 19

The outbreak of coronavirus has severely affected many countries, leaving a profound impact on everything from health to business. And every country is devising its ways to tackle the virus and prevent its further spread.

To address the growing concerns and public queries on the Covid-19 (coronavirus) disease, the Malaysian startup called DoctorOnCall collaborated with the Ministry of Health and developed a virtual health advisory portal.

Founded in 2017, DoctorOnCall claims to be Malaysia’s largest digital health platform. It provides telehealth consultation, online pharmacy, medication delivery, credible health-related articles, doctors and specialist booking.

This portal is the first of its kind initiatives by a Government in the region. Malaysians can access the portal or for free from anywhere, seven days a week between 8:30 am-5:30 pm.

About the health portal, Co-Founder of DoctorOnCall, Hazwan Najib said: “DoctorOnCall responded to the need of the public to feel safe and engaged by the Ministry of Health in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak. We quickly developed a customised virtual health advisory platform for the Ministry that will serve all public concerns on the COVID-19 disease.”

The portal enables the public to search for authentic written articles about the disease, take a self-assessment test, and speak to the Ministry of Health medical personnel via chat, phone or video call. The platform allows a doctor to understand people’s concerns, assess symptoms and suggest necessary steps to be taken.