LG display factory shuts down its operations over coronavirus

lg display factory shut down

The coronavirus outbreak that originated in China has now spread out to many countries across the world. The deadly virus has taken a huge toll on everything from health to business.

This time it is the South Korean company, LG, which has temporarily suspended its display factory operations. The decision came as a result of the discovery of a new coronavirus infected case in the city of Gumi, South Korea. However, the closure is not expected to last long.

According to a new Reuters report, the LG display factory has temporarily suspended its operations after an employee at a nearby bank was confirmed to have contracted the virus.

Experts have warned saying that the coronavirus outbreak which has rapidly spread from China to several other countries has the potential to cause a global recession.

Due to coronavirus, several companies have reported problems in getting adequate supplies needed for their products and to continue their operations. Also, a large number of companies have been on lockdown for quite some time now. Apart from that, major companies have expressed their concerns about various businesses being severely hit due to supply chain disruption.