Anti-terror tech to tackle coronavirus in Israel

israel anti terror tech coronavirus

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said in a statement that the country will be using cyber monitoring to minimize the risk of coronavirus transmission. He said that cyber tech monitoring will be deployed to find people who have come in contact with someone carrying the virus.

Making the revelation at a news conference in Jerusalem he said the technology has been thus far been not used on civilians but he had no choice in the matter in the light of the recent events. The deployment of the technology is subject to cabinet approval.

“We will very soon begin using technology ... digital means that we have been using in order to fight terrorism,” Netanyahu said.

The Israeli government has announced that all malls, restaurants, theatres, and hotels will be closed from Sunday. The government further advised the employees to not visit their workplaces unless it was necessary. Services like pharmacies, supermarkets and banks continue to operate.

Israel’s domestic security service, The Shin Bet, confirmed to Reuters that it has begun examining its technological capabilities to fight coronavirus at the request of Netanyahu and the Health Ministry.

At the time of writing, the country has recorded 200 confirmed cases of COVID-19, but no fatalities.