Ping An’s new AI based technology to improve healthcare in China

healthcare ping an technology ai

Ericson Chan, the CEO of Ping An Technology- a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ping An Group says, “A.I. can improve health care in China. Its innovation on AI-based technology can predict illness, chronicle disorders and infectious diseases.”

He said that the technology can also predict the likelihood of a patient suffering from a specific chronic disease even before symptoms are identified. The prediction can be made within a few minutes with great accuracy.

AI is considered to be a boon to health sectors specially incase of improving diagnosis, personalizing treatment, and spotting future public-health threats. Its applications and benefits in healthcare truly promises to be life-changing. By 2024, experts predict that healthcare AI will nearly be a $20 billion market.

For AI to become more mainstream, start-ups and tech giants have to understand the bottlenecks that businesses face, which can be solved by this technology. Ping An Technology is focusing on such technologies including AI, according to the CEO of Ping An Technology.

“You need to wait for more than three hours to see a doctor, and the consultation time will not be more than 7 or 8 minutes, but now it can be reduced up to 5 minutes with more efficiency and accuracy,” says Ericson Chan, CEO of China's Ping An Technology.