ExoCoBio Raises $9.3 Million in Funding

exocobio funding

Exosome-based regenerative aesthetics company, ExoCoBio has raised $9.3 million in Series C and Pre-IPO Funding. The funding was led by K2 Investment Partners, SBI Investment Korea, and Dt & Investment. Among the new investors who participated in the round were G.N.Tech/ReeHu Investment and Focus Assets Management. KNOTUS too has made a strategic investment into the company.

The soon-to-be the first exosome company to go public has launched a range of exosome-based aesthetic products like ASCE+™, EXOMAGE™, and CELLTWEET™ which are great brands for skin rejuvenation, skin immune-modulation, and scalp rejuvenation.

Among its important partnerships is its alliance with BENEV Company Inc., an FDA registered manufacturer and recognized medical aesthetic brand.

ExoCoBio was founded in 2017 and has raised $56.3 million in funding till now. The company is now looking for an IPO soon. “We have seen many doctors and customers worldwide satisfied with the performance of our exosome products which lead fast regeneration and anti-inflammation simultaneously, unlike any other conventional products on the market. Based on this fast growth, ExoCoBio is trying to initiate the process of the IPO to be the first public exosome company in the world,” said Byong Cho, CEO of ExoCoBio.