China has reportedly developed and approved a coronavirus vaccine

china coronavirus vaccine

Amidst the unrest pervading all the countries of the world(sparked by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak), the news of a coronavirus vaccine developed by China comes as a huge respite.

China’s media has recently announced that a ‘subunit’ vaccine for the virus has been developed and it is now going for clinical trials. According to the announcement, the vaccine has been developed by the Academy of Military Medical Sciences.

In such difficult times, the vaccine for this virus was the need of the hour to treat the infected and curb its spread. The vaccine can significantly reduce the burden on the healthcare system and will save the lives of people who are vulnerable and also those who are infected with it.

In its announcement this week, Chinese media said that the vaccine has been developed in Wuhan by the Academy of Military Medical Sciences Major General Chen Wei, a bioengineer, and her team. An unspecified third party reportedly evaluated the vaccine and approved it as being safe and effective.

Also, according to the announcement, ‘preliminary preparation’ for the mass production of the vaccine has started. However, the vaccine is of the ‘subunit’ variety which means it involves only parts of the virus that can be used to stimulate someone’s immune system. This vaccine is different from other types of vaccines like whole-pathogen vaccines, which contains a weakened or killed version of the virus.