China shuts down makeshift hospitals as COVID-19 cases drops

china closes hospitals coronavirus drops

The recent coronavirus outbreak has infected many across the globe, impacted the businesses to a great extent and claimed many lives as well. To treat the infected people, many hospitals dedicated a separate segment to those infected with the COVID-19.

The situation now seems to be under control and getting back to normal as China has recently closed most of the makeshift hospitals that were exclusively opened for COVID-19 patients in Wuhan, as the number of fresh cases reported has plunged.

As said by the provincial government, Wuhan has witnessed nearly 31,000 patients who have recovered and discharged from the hospital.

As reported by Xinhua news agency, eleven of the sixteen makeshift hospitals in Wuhan that were converted from public facilities, including stadiums and schools were suspended just a few days back. The two of the most recent makeshift hospitals to be closed has discharged a final batch of 61 patients.

New infections in China have been generally declining in recent weeks as the country's measures appear to be working.

A senior government official recently hinted that China could soon lift the lockdown on the province imposed in late January, which has effectively restricted the movement of some millions of people in Hubei.