US consumers can be part of health studies with Research app

apple to launch research app

Apple Watch owners might soon get a Research app through which they can share health related data to health research. The app’s release was announced in a press release held by Apple, and the company explicated few new studies with its partners such as University of Michigan, the World Health Organization, Harvard School of Public Health, the NIH, the American Heart Association and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital as to what kind of data should be contributed via Apple Watch.

The subjects that are to be scrutinized are the sounds on your hearing health; the way menstrual cycles inform the screenings about infertility and osteoporosis; and how any activity could affect and impact the overall health.

Earlier, if people wanted to go for health studies via Apple’s partnerships could have installed a special app on their iOS device which is focused on the study alone. This new Research app will serve as a single portal for this sort of opt-in activity.

Apple assures that the app will be free from any breach. It quotes, “You decide what data you want to share with the studies, and that Apple cannot access any information that directly identifies you.”