Google make changes in AdSense to increase more ad transparency for publishers

google make changes in adsense to increase more ad transparency for publishers

Google is planning to implement changes in AdSense network which will increase transparency about how it deals with violations and removes ads from websites.

Scott Spencer, the company director of sustainable ads, wrote in his blog- “As we roll out page-level policy action as the new default for content violations, we’ll be able to stop showing ads on select pages, while leaving ads up on the rest of a site’s good content. We’ll still use site-level actions but only as needed. And when it’s necessary, such as in the case of egregious or persistent violations, we’ll still terminate publishers. Altogether, this means fewer disruptions for publishers”.

Google has made two changes in AdSense- Firstly, AdSense’s technology will be changed -so it gets to remove ads from individual pages, instead of entire websites. Before, Google use to remove ads from every page on a website after a policy violation, instead of just the pages with offending content. Secondly, Google is planning to launch a platform in a short time called the “Policy Center” to help website publishers understand the program’s rules and clear errors as soon as possible.

Almost  many YouTube creators have been observing their ad revenue getting dropped since from the time when Google has made changes on how ads getting displayed on ad network and YouTube. The changes, includes different default settings, more account controls for advertisers, and a hiring spree to develop new AI tools, which got implemented after companies began boycott Google after their ads getting appeared next to offensive videos.

The new policy centre of the company will give publishers content about how many violations their sites undergo, and what issues to be triggered for ad removals, and it also applies step-by-step instructions on fixing the problem - so they can start displaying ads and make money all over again. Scott said- this as a “one-stop shop for everything a publisher needs to know about policy actions that affect their sites and pages.”