Google Image Search gets a facelift

google image search gets a facelift

Another upgrade comes from Google and this time it is for Google Image Search. The usual list of photos and picture you see on Google Image Search is in for a change. The results will now show more than just the image, allowing users to discover more.

Let’s say you are looking up for some cupcake images. The new Google Image Search feature will even let you discover the recipes or the nearest café selling delicious cupcakes. Google has achieved this by labeling it with a badge that categorizes the image on search. This will even include text to clarify the action the user wishes to make.

The badges for things that a user searches will even show where you can shop for them. If you saw a bag and you liked it, the badge will provide you information on where you can purchase a bag like that. There are even GIFs provided which you can share with others.   

It is interesting to note that Google is offering a structured data testing tool.  This testing tool will verify the web publisher’s page is free of errors. This will then be put on badges for the new Google Image Search. In addition to this, Search Console is capable of providing aggregate stats for publishers.

Google has become an answer provider for almost any question you ask. In order to get their results listed high, many publishers are already marking up their pages. This allows Google to provide detailed information in its other verticals too.

The new feature is already available on mobile web and the Google app for Android devices. Google promises iOS users that this new feature will be launched on iOS soon.