Google gives a surprising update for the tiny tribe of Android tablet

google gives a surprising update for the tiny tribe of android tablet

The launch of Pixel C wasn’t that huge success. But recent studies have shown that the new Pixel C tablet gets some love from Google in the form of new launcher and a multi tasking interface.  The latest the latest 7.1.2 Nougat beta has come up with many additional features and Google tweaks the Pixel C’s interface to match its smart phones. 

This change is considered as the biggest one from the time of its launch. It involves a multitasking interface as well. Instead of the scrolling list of open apps, the Pixel C app switcher now displays a grid of your eight most recent programs. Another important feature is that, the ‘all app’ button that was present at the bottom of the tablet is now replaced. We can go through all the apps just with the swipe of a hand from bottom of the screen.

We are all familiar with the Google search bar, which was there at the top of the tab. This has been replaced with the G logo at the top left corner which can be used to get the app to search for any information.

 There’s also a change to the on-screen navigation buttons. Instead of the outlined buttons, they’re now filled in to match the ones on the Pixel phone. However, there’s no ring around the home button, since Google hasn’t yet brought Assistant to tablets.

Though the software update had some tweaks for the Pixel C a tab, the updating was mainly focused on unify the interface with Google’s own Pixel Smartphone.  The update was available only to android beta system for a while, but now it has been extended to all users.