Google Calendar’s update syncs with Outlook Scheduling Assistant

google calendars update syncs with outlook scheduling assistant

Google has announced yet another update. And this time it is an update with Google Calendar. A new feature called Find a Time will be helping a lot of people to access their coworkers to find their real-time free or busy information. In addition, it will allow users to access Microsoft’s Outlook Scheduling Assistant interchangeably.

This comes as good news especially for those users who juggle between Google G suite tools and Microsoft Exchange. It is quite well known that a lot of businesses use both of these tools to schedule management at work. And now, users can access across both these systems in parallel. Simply put, it means that Google’s Find a Time and Outlook’s Scheduling Assistant can easily talk to each other now.

The new Google Interop feature is going to be available on Google Calendar for Android, iOS and the web. In addition, it will also be available on Outlook 2010 onwards clients on their desktop, mobile and web. All this will be up and functioning once the business admin enables it.

Prior to this, Google had already launched some basic interoperability between Google and Microsoft. This was primarily with Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010. But the new feature is of significance because it can tell information in real-time, which was unavailable previously. The old tool couldn’t sync data automatically and didn’t work in real-time. It wasn’t just that. Earlier, syncing between Google Calendar and Outlook required a public Exchange folder. But that is all in the past now.

With Google Calendar’s new update, it looks more like a straightforward journey ahead. The new feature will be available to users by the end of this week.