Get ready to be paid for Microsoft’s online gaming Xbox

get ready to be paid for microsofts online gaming xbox

Microsoft is planning to launch paid services for its online gaming by traversing in the path of Netflix and similar online gaming platforms. Microsoft will soon initiate an Xbox game pass which leads to subscription services in the online gaming. Apart from the streaming services which are quite common in the online games, it concentrates its attention on downloading the entire game. This can bring an end to the network issues that users might find while using the streaming services. Though found helpful in many different ways, streaming games won’t replace the prevailing condition and the convenience in having an entire game in hand.

We can almost say that Microsoft was ruling the world of online games with Xbox one and Xbox 360 and now users will have to pay for the same. According to the reviews, it will initially cost $9.99 monthly for accessing more than 100 games from both the Xbox services. This can be the best option for someone who loves to access many games without actually buying them.  At the time of launch the pass will be available to more than 30 countries.

Compared to the streaming services where the local and server-side can hamper your gaming experiences, this is a better option. Streaming services might dominate these online services in the near future, but not as of now. It can wait and Microsoft is using the tested and proven technology for a while it seems.