Get Artistic with Tensorflow’s New Artistic Style Transfer

get artistic with tensorflows new artistic style transfer

Remember how we all got excited with the mobile app Prisma? Well, it only gets better with Android and TensorFlow’s Artistic Style Transfer. The new app was announced during Google’s annual Developer’s Conference I/O. The software runs neural logarithms of artistic style and combines your content with a style to create a new pastiche.

Pastiche here refers to the work of art that combines with the work of another. So here you got your own content or picture and you can mix it up with one of the styles present, creating your own new painting. Some of the styles on the Artistic Style Transfer are The Starry Night by van Gogh, The Shipwreck of the Minotaur and others.

There are just nine lines of code in this new Android app which will detail you about how to use the Artistic Style Transfer. And all you need for this is an Android device with Lollipop API 21, v5.0. What’s more is that experiments are made on videos as well and the results are promising.

So all you art lovers get in touch with this new app and experience the joy of it firsthand.