Forget the mobile battery chargers for a while

forget the mobile battery chargers for a while

Our phone batteries may remain charged without needing to be connected to a wall. The new technology comprises “Wireless Charging and Communications Systems with Dual-Frequency Patch Antennas” which enables to transfer power to charge electronic devices over the frequencies usually reserved for data communications. Apple has already filed a patent for this featured technology.  And that can be taken as an assurance in a way.  The technology is all about enabling wireless links between 700MHz and 2700 MHz as well as it fetaures Wi-Fi signals that can transmit 2.5GHz and 5GHz signals.

Distance is no longer a barrier. The technology makes use of the dual channeling capabilities of a Wi-Fi router to extend the range of the signals. And definitely that can allow the device to get charged from afar.  With the latest release of iPhone, company is planning to materialize this technology. This means that the function of this technology will work over a 60GHz frequency band as well.

Since Apple has filed for the patent, the technology will soon reach into the public. But the arising question is that would all the phones be able to adopt this technology? Or what would be the new standard for phones to enable this technology?

Still the concept is not anywhere near the practical senses. It remains as a theoretical approach. But with the right technologies, it is expected to be materialized soon. Although the iPhone might be losing traction from the kind of fame it once had, it is good to see Apple working on other appliances and technologies apart from the ones it is already known for.