Enterprises pitch into cloud to be more competitive in terms of speed, agility and innovation

firms increasingly adopt cloud services

Amazon Web Services (Thailand) said that firms in Thailand are expanding the adoption of cloud-based services to run their operations and to be competitive. The firm is the local unit of AWS (Amazon Web Services), the cloud-based service provider subsidiary of

The company’s partner development manager, Ekkarat Klinbubpa said that Thailand’s market for cloud-based services has undergone a shift, appealing to different customers than was the case for the past few years.

“The cloud services now most commonly used by Thai enterprises include virtual storage and virtual servers, while artificial intelligent (AI) capabilities and data analytics solutions have begun to attract their interest, Ekkarat said.“The enterprises view the AI technology – for example Chabot – as an automation tool that will help them offload their business operations’ workload.”

AWS Thailand’s customers are high-tech companies and IT startups and the firm was founded early last year. Cloud service provides more storage capacity, storage and related information technology services to the users which is paid for as a utility.

Cloud is the most adopted technology for its speed, agility, and lower costs. Ekkarat also said that not only Thailand is adopting cloud technology but, globally all the companies are adapting to it to keep transforming the customer experience and their businesses to remain competitive.

There are some companies which adopted cloud and have become household names some of them are: Airbnb, Grab, Netflix, and Pinterest.