No more Human Managers! B12 is Building Flash Teams for you

b12 flash teams for business

Here’s a New York-based company called B12 which is working on the challenges of the tough boss! After researching the concept of Flash Teams, B12 is here with an innovative solution that aims to solve the team-based labor marketplace challenge.  

Flash Teams

So what are these flash teams? The concept originated among the work of a group of computer science researchers at the Stanford HCI Group. The group identified the challenges in using algorithms to build teams. This includes how to evaluate experts, construct teams with complementary skill-sets, and also handle organizational behavior to ensure that work was completed satisfactorily.

The algorithm works like this: There are experts with significant experience who evaluate other experts with less experience. Projects generally follow similar patterns.  So the next step involves a new project that can start with a preexisting ‘scaffold’ to get started. Using a set of preexisting scaffolds, B12 then starts to construct a website as soon as a couple of basic questions about the business are answered. 

“As soon as you see your algorithmically generated website, [users] can tell us what they like and dislike about their website. Orchestra can then pull together a team of experts to work on your website for you,” explained the CEO of B12, Nitesh Banta. With this, B12 is coming up with an innovative concept of flash teams for your business.