Dropbox revamps with new designs

dropbox new design

Dropbox users have something new in store waiting for them the next time they open the file sharing application. The company has introduced a brand new design that comes with a revamped logo, a plethora of color schemes and a new typeface. 

The creative director, Aaron Robbs, and VP of Design, Nicholas Jitkoff said, “Our new illustration style picks up where our earliest style—loose, handmade, witty—left off.” Dropbox also added that the revamp was introduced with a hope that the new color combinations help it stand out more among the crowd, and aims to give thumbs up to the creativity of our users. 

Speaking of the new design, it is the first major revamp the company has made in 10 years. In fact, the redesign comes as a stark contrast to other file sharing competitors like Google Drive and iCloud. Though the logo is new, most of the web and app UI remains visually similar; it’s still mostly white with blue and grey accents.

But do keep in mind that there’s a chance you won’t be seeing too much! For one, the type isn’t going to appear when you open your Dropbox menu or in your web file list. Those need to remain usable and so will likely retain the default sans-serif look, though you can expect some flair here and there from the new-look book.