‘Join Me In Jamaica’ is the new digital marketing campaign organized to promote Jamaica

join me in jamaica campaign

Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) chip in a digital marketing campaign ‘Join Me In Jamaica’. The motif is to promote destination Jamaica which was launched by Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett. The campaign contains promotional videos which will display snippets of Jamaican culture via Jamaican celebrities and personalities. This campaign is designed keeping Jamaica top of mind.

“We are going to use technology as the driving force to develop a capacity to manage, measure and be in total command of our markets because prior to this, we spent money on advertising but we couldn’t measure the returns,” Mr. Bartlett said.

People will exchange stories of their experience in Jamaica and will also offer invitation for visitors to unite them on the island. This digital marketing strategy can help target diverse audience especially lovers of Jamaican music, cuisine, art and sports icons.

Barlett noted that greater amount of technology is being used in the new architecture of tourism marketing in Jamaica. He noted that the JTB will continue to use traditional marketing platforms to promote the destination.

He added that Jamaica is getting 42 percent repeat business and JTB will never desert legacy markets which is the basis of the sustainability of Jamaica.