Google uses Artificial Intelligence for placements of Advertisements

google ai advertisement placement

We’re already aware that Google is targeting ads based on the website’s content through its AdSense. Of course, AdSense itself is heavily automated. But now, Google is taking things a step further with the launch of Auto Ads that use machine learning.

The new Auto Ads is a system that uses artificial learning and machine learning. It not only determines the types of ads that users see, but also how well the ads are placed. The AI technology in the system is capable of deciding how many ads are appropriate for a page and where to put them.

This also means that advertisers will have to give up control. But Google promises the advertisers that they will love the results! A beta test resulted in an increase of 10 percent more revenue. Nevertheless, there is still an aura of concern in trusting an AI.

The beta testers are worried about ads crowing their pages and that AI may show fake ads or other dodgy promotions. However, for small ad publishers, this is an easy way for wider reach. For now, only time will tell how well Google’s machine learning capabilities are.