Digi customers will now enjoy the revised version of Digi Prepaid NEXT

digi prepaid next is updated

Digi Telecommunications made an announcement that Digi Prepaid NEXT portfolio is updated for its prevailing customers and new ones.

You can avail extra value with the enhanced features with no extra charge. This can help customers remain acquainted with what matters them the most.

The upgraded version includes:

Digi Prepaid NEXT 15 is available at 6GB while Prepaid NEXT 30 is at 20GB making way for customers stay active on lightning speed internet.

Social apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok will have free unlimited internet with up to 6GB and free hotspot quota. This facility is particularly for those who go for auto renewal feature.

Customers get the benefit of undisturbed internet that automatically renews your monthly subscriptions after your plan is expired.

Digi’s chief marketing officer Praveen Rajan mentioned, “To ensure our Prepaid customers are able to stay connected easily, Digi aims to always provide best-value-for-money offerings through products and services that are simple yet relevant to their needs and lifestyles.”

He added, “Customers can continue to choose any plan that suits them from the Digi Prepaid NEXT portfolio, and they can be assured that each of these always active plans comes with a sizable internet quota along with truly high-speed connectivity without any speed cap.”