Deloitte’s acquisition of ‘Strut digital’ fosters tech transformation in implementing solutions and services

deloittes acquisition of strut digital fosters tech transformation in implementing solutions and services

Deloitte, the tech giant is in its way to expand its boundaries by through the acquisition of many small tech companies. The most recent acquisition is that of Struct Digital, which is a managed services provider and popular in the development of devOps.

With the partnership with Struct digital, the company is expecting to implement a tech transformation especially in the process of enabling services and later the management of these services.  DevOps has emerged in recent years as a method used to combine the previously separate business functions of application development and technology operations, meaning the time taken to develop and deliver new ideas can be dramatically reduced.  The real success lies in implementing those services, not just developing the strategy. . Deloitte stands by the users at all points of processing and execution. No doubt the company is so successful considering the fact that this is the sixth tech company that it is acquiring.

"We have to stay on the front foot. In today's technology landscape we understand that things change rapidly. In the next two to three years there's a few areas where we'll be looking to fill gaps ... We look at how new technology is advancing and how it's coming into the enterprise market ... and we see how it impacts our clients”, says Strategy and Architecture lead partner Kevin Russo.

The company has already taken over similar tech companies like ‘Plenary Networks’, ‘Systems Integrator Sixtree’, Cloud Solutions Group, ‘Qubit Consulting and Dataweave’ and so on in the near past.