Dell looks to conquer the world of IoT through its products and partnerships

dell looks to conquer the world of iot through its products and partnerships

At the Dell EMC World Event in Las Vegas, Dell announced a slew of IoT products and services aimed at simplifying management and deployment of IoT devices. It also has announced a number of partnerships with prominent companies to solidify its presence in the IoT market.

Dell barged into the world of IoT with a slew of new products and a number of partnerships. Going into details will take a lot of time. The world of IoT is racing ahead, creating a never seen before demand for IoT solutions and Dell wants to cash in on it. While the IoT market is becoming increasingly crowded with new players joining in every other day, Dell’s partnerships and products might actually give it a prominent position to begin with.

This is a result of the newly formed IoT products and services division which was born out of its merger with EMC. Along with its VMware tie up, they include a consulting operation called the IoT Technology Advisory Service, an infrastructure management service that helps deploy, organize, scale and manage IoT devices and support for EdgeX foundry, an open source, industry standard framework from the Linux foundation .

On the partnership side, there are a few big names there. Dell said that recent addition to its increasing number of partnerships is a result of the Dell IoT Solutions Partner and Dell EMC Partner Programs. Through this, it has organized a group of IoT services and products partners including Analog Devices, Atos, Bosch, ForgeRock, IOTech, Mocana and Modius.

Dell and Bosch made headlines recently with their partnership to develop an Industry 4.0 jump start kit to help customers implement their IoT projects quickly for faster return on investment. It includes a Dell Edge Gateway, ready-to-go use-cases, Bosch XDK sensors, cloud integration and software with all of them preconfigured by Dell.

Dell EMC is also working with Atos an IoT service management framework called the Atos Codex IoT services which gives clients assurance that all of the connected devices are creating value for their users.