Data Giant Oracle Teams Up With LinkedIn for New Product Integration

data giant oracle teams up with linkedin for new product integration

Oracle has partnered with Microsoft's social network, LinkedIn, resulting in new product integration between its Oracle Marketing Cloud and LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

The deal means that Big Red's Marketing Cloud can now suck in LinkedIn data, to increase conversion rates and generate more sales by helping marketers personalize and orchestrate campaigns across multiple channels, including email, websites, and digital ads.

Your LinkedIn profile got more useful now with this new arrangement. Users of the Marketing Cloud will be able to blend their own data with stuff from LinkedIn and therefore figure out if there's anything in there they didn't already know about you, so that marketers can target you precisely.  The data mammoth’s own database contains more than 400 million records, and now you as a result of you will receive targeted marketing rather than spam.

Anything you add to your LinkedIn profile is valuable to marketers. And the more LinkedIn can sell access to your profile, the more profitable it will be for Microsoft. It will also enables Oracle Marketing Cloud customers to integrate data from more than 467 million LinkedIn users, in a privacy-forward way, into existing marketing campaigns to reach and engage ideal buyers on the professional social network.

The product integration will also enable marketers to personalize and orchestrate campaigns across multiple channels including email, websites and digital ads.