NVIDIA announces a new platform for GPU accelerated data analytics

nvidia unveils gpu accelerated platform

The founder and CEO of NVIDIA Jensen Huang revealed RAPIDS, a new system from the graphics chipmaker that will help accelerate the data analytics and machine learning in the computing market. The new platform will be using the potential of GPU for advanced data analytics and build machine learning models derived from the analysis.

The CEO announced the new open-source platform in his keynote address at the GPU Technology Conference being held at Munich. RAPIDS is an open-source software that will give the data scientists a great boost through its usage of the GPU technology.

There is an increasing consensus among the leading tech companies that GPU technology is the way forward for data analytics. IBM is one of NVIDIA’s partners in RAPIDS. The tech giant plans to introduce RAPIDS to a variety of its services, including PowerAI tools, IBM Watson Studio, and Watson machine Learning and the IBM Cloud with its GPU-enabled machines.

RAPIDS has been developed by NVIDIA engineers along with open-source contributors over the last two years. The open-source software offers a “suite of open-source libraries for GPU-accelerated analytics, machine learning and, soon, data visualization.”Introduction of RAPIDS has been welcomed by many leaders in the tech community.