Deep Dive Analytics is one-of-a-kind analytics tool!

deep dive analytics tool

The new radiology practice allows managers to enhance practice decisions and actions in critical performance areas. Healthcare Administrative Partners launched its product- Deep Dive Analytics which has two modules.

Jane Knox, the company’s president said Deep Dive Analytics was the result of joint work by the company and radiology practices.

Radiology practices makes a lot of effort to make sure that patients who require medical attention will receive follow up care. “We realized that, as a specialty, radiology could do more to solve widespread problems in care coordination,” Knox says

This product will help company mine radiology clinical data and detect patients with lung nodules at the early stage. Later the patient will be going through follow-up evaluation based on the present treatment guidelines. 

The results of the data will be automatically forwarded to an automated business process which reports the primary care physicians and patients via mail about the recommendation for follow-up care. This product helps radiology group detect patients who received a removable IVC filter from one of that group’s interventional radiologists but have not turned up for the removal procedure. Notifications will be sent to the primary care physicians and patients to encourage evaluation.