CyberDome: The Cyber Crime Fighter

cyberdome the cyber crime fighter

Internet crime has been rocketing at a steady rate in the past few years. With umpteen number of cyber crimes reported almost every day; the cyber cell in all the states of India have an uphill task of fighting crime. The police department of Kerala recently announced that it’s ready to launch a high tech centre for cyber security and innovations called CyberDome in the state capital of Thiruvananthapuram. CyberDome will be the first such high tech public-private partnership in the country.

CyberDome will monitor the internet and nodal centre for terrorist activities and crimes done via social media sites. According to Kerala police, all types of internet related activities ranging from virtual policing, automated threat intelligence, cyber forensics, tweetalongs, facebook quiz to virtual courts and tracking system for protecting children would be performed by CyberDome. The Centre would provide expert advice and solutions to all the Cyber Cells functioning in various districts under the state police and will also be the specialized agency on all matters of crime investigation and monitoring.

“The core objective of the CyberDome is the prevention of cyber crimes. At present, what we do is to act after a cyber crime case is reported. But, we hope that we can prevent all such crimes with the opening of the centre”, Manoj Abraham IPS, Nodal Officer of Kerala Police CyberDome, told PTI.

Let’s just hope that CyberDome can be the saviour that it promises to be and bring down the spiraling rate of cyber crime in the state and the country.