New York City finds a solution to get rid of hackers

new york cybersecurity solution

New York City officials are planning to provide free cybersecurity tools to the public as an effort to enhance online safety. Bill de Blasio, New York mayor declared at a news conference that the program will release a new smartphone protection app NYC Secure which is free.

This application will help users be well prepared about the dubious activities identified on the devices. The New York Mayor stated: “New Yorkers aren’t safe online. We can’t wait around for other levels of government to do something about it or the private sector.”

He added that government takes complete responsibility for online safety and it is a new reality. City agencies will improvise public Wi-Fi to provide more cybersecurity for the residents, visitors, workers etcetera. Quad 9 tool will help safeguard the networks. You can check out to know more. This tools helps avoiding web traffic and blocks malicious email and sites. 

Atlanta recently reactivated a website which helps residents to report trash pickup, public works- related services etcetera. 

Officials in Atlanta worked with technicians from innumerable private security firms and federal law enforcement to probe the roots of attacks on the computer.