A CSS bug that could crash your iPhone

new bug can crash iphone

A security researcher who goes by the name Sabri Haddouche has revealed that he has found a way around the security of the iPhone that could crash it and make it restart. He has posted a link on his twitter that shows the bug in action.

The bug basically exploits a chink in the Safari browser. The bug can be simply triggered by adding a few lines of CSS and HTML code. Haddouche posted the source code of the bug on GitHub. Some users tried this and have reported that their Safari app froze and crashed. Apparently, this bug works for Mac devices too.

Further, this bug does not influence Windows and Linux users so it’s something only the Mac and iOS users have to watch out for. Apple has not commented on the bug so far but is likely to roll out a fix as part of a future iOS update. The bug only affects Safari browsers and is going to need a minor fix in the future update.

It is advised that you try and avoid clicking on any suspicious links that could activate this bug until a new update is rolled out to mend this cybersecurity flaw.