Vietnam, Indonesia and India are shaken by cyberattack, who’s next?

microsoft report details about cyberattack countries

Vietnam in the recent past was highly affected by ransomware in the Asia-Pacific region, says Microsoft cybersecurity report. The Security Endpoint Threat Report 2019, mentioned that cyber threats are consistently increasing and looks at creating cyber resilience across the Asia-Pacific region.

The report examines data from January to December 2019, extracting information from various Microsoft data sources, which includes 8 trillion threat signals received and analysed by Microsoft each day.

Vietnam was followed by Indonesia and India in the list of highest ransomware attacks. The Asia-Pacific region continued to experience a higher-than-average encounter rate for malware and ransomware attacks: 1.6 and 1.7 times higher respectively than the rest of the world, despite a 23 and 29 percent overall decline across these two threat vectors when compared to 2018 findings, a press release on the report said.

"Often, high malware encounters correlate with both piracy rates and overall cyber hygiene that includes regular patching and updating of software. Countries that have higher piracy rates and lower cyber hygiene tend to be more severely impacted by cyberthreats," said Mary Jo Schrade, Assistant General Counsel of the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit, Microsoft Asia.

Businesses are recommended to use strong tools in order to safeguard employees and infrastructure. Employees should know the guidelines clearly and should choose trusted applications for audio/video calling and file sharing.