Israel reforms its rules on export of cyber weapons: Report

israel changes cyber weapons rules

A report by Reuters has shed light on Israel’s easing of cyber weapons rules. The news is drawing sharp criticisms from around the world for human right violations due to the usage of these weapons by the country’s client governments.

In its report, Reuters says that the Israeli government had made changes in its rules which now allows companies to quickly obtain sales permit for cyber weapons and spywares. These are used to break into electronic devices and access/ monitor online communications.

Israel’s defense ministry confirmed to Reuters that the rules had been changed to “facilitate effective service to Israeli industries while maintaining and protecting international standards of export control and supervision.”

It is believed that the economy ministry of the country is also setting up a separate division to handle the export of the cyber technologies. A ministry spokeswoman said “This is a part of a reform that is essentially allocating more resources to the economy ministry for this important issue.”

But some of the privacy and human rights groups believe that the rules in place for the sale of cyber weapons are lax and have resulted in human rights abuses.