EU lays out new 5G strategy, decides against banning Huawei

eu 5g strategy

The EU Commission has recommended a set of steps that the EU countries will work together for the cybersecurity of 5G networks. While announcing its 5G strategy, EU Commission decidedly sidestepped the U.S. recommendation of banning Huawei.

At a press conference in Strasbourg, Julian King, European Security Commissioner said: “We’re not talking about bans today, what we’re talking about is a process that will be based on a thorough analysis of the risks and vulnerabilities.”

5G is a key asset for Europe with worldwide 5G revenues estimate at €225 billion in 2025. The EU Commission has recommended a combination of legislative and policy instruments to mitigate the cybersecurity risks around 5G networks and to protect the “economies, societies and democratic systems” of its member countries.

EU has asked its member countries to carry out a national risk assessment and report back by 15 July 2019. Following this, the nations will have to come to an agreement by the end of this year to implement EU-wide measures to ensure a secure 5G network. The EU countries at the national level retain the right to exclude companies from their markets if they find them not in compliance with the country’s standards.