Domino’s India data gets compromised; cyber security experts say it’s massive

dominos data breach

Recently Dominos is going through a tough time as its data has been breached! Nearly 18 crore order details were revealed via a public search engine by a hacker.  Your sensitive information like user name, residential address, and order history can be exposed only by giving your email ID or phone number.

Not only that! 10 core credit cards that were used to purchase on Domino’s app is also compromised. It is said to be a massive damage!

“Individual’s address and order history are also referred to as PII data (Personally Identifiable Information), therefore having your address leaked in combination with the mobile number can have serious implication on an individual’s privacy,” Akshay Garkel, Partner & Leader, Cyber at Grant Thornton says.

“Hackers can also use a combination of available personal information to cull out more sensitive data of a person such as accessing their PAN card, Aadhaar, etc, which could also have serious implications on one’s privacy,” he added.

Experts say that there are very little chances to repair the damage. Now it’s time that Domino’s to take action and make sure that the search engine is taken down, once the data is in the hand of hackers, it is nearly impossible to erase it.

For those impacted, he suggests taking steps such as changing passwords or creating new accounts if they still want to use the service, replacing their credit/debit cards with new ones from the bank, and enabling multi factor authentication on the application such as OTP.

“Be careful about what kind of passwords you use. Everyone should use a fast phrase that is at least 25-30 characters long. Such passwords are very difficult to crack. But don’t rely only on passwords for safety. Always use two-factor authentication wherever possible. And while registering on any website, only give information that is mandatory,” Rishikesh Kamat, Vice President – Products and Services, NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India adds.