No more frauds with Capital One’s Virtual Card Numbers

capital one virtual cc frauds

Capital One has introduced a new way to make online shopping much safer with its virtual credit card numbers. Technically speaking, virtual card numbers aren’t something new, as Bank of America and Citi Bank both offer a similar feature. However, with Virtual One’s virtual card number, it’s a different story.

Users don’t need to create account numbers on a setting screen with Capital One’s new feature. Instead, Capital One is using its smart assistant, Eno. Eno is a quick and conversational way for its customers to check their balances and perform simple tasks, like checking on recent transactions, etc. With Eno, users can make virtual card numbers easier to access, and quicker to use.

The best part is that once the extension is set up and configured, Capital One’s card numbers let you pay without needing to use (or even locate) your credit card account information. This extension instantly creates virtual card numbers when you go to a site’s checkout page, which can then be given nicknames to make them easy to remember. Users can lock or unlock the numbers or even delete them from an online dashboard.

In fact, Capital One had quietly introduced its virtual card number functionality way back in November last year. But there was no formal announcement about the feature, but pilot testing had been going on with limited availability.