McGuinness leads the popular yogurt brand

chobani promotes mcguinness

Currently, high-level marketers are getting promoted to the highest offices in the C-suite. Chobani makes the latest move and declares that Peter McGuinness who served as CMO for six years in the yogurt company will be promoted to the role of President.

Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder and CEO of Chobana said that the promotion helps in the company’s growth. “We created this company with people at the center, and they are the reason for where we are today,” Ulukaya said in a statement. “Peter has been an amazing member of that journey, and I’m honored and happy to have him as president. Passion, intelligence and collaboration make us who we are, and I love seeing this talent rising up through the company, working side by side to build the future of Chobani. We continue to break down walls, collaborate more and become closer as leaders, making a better food company for tomorrow.”

McGuinness is responsible for supervising supply chain, manufacturing, sustainability, and research development functions as declared by the company.

Since people opt for less sugar, they are going for less flavored yogurt; the yogurt industry has seen downfall for the last two years. Despite the downfall, Chobani has remained to be the most popular yogurt brand.

Top brands like Chobani has Chief Marketing Officer who has institutional knowledge and is already taking up responsibility of making some crucial business decisions. Well, the promotion, in this case, makes sense.