Connected cars will respond faster with Telit’s 450 Mbps LTE-Advanced Automotive-Grade Module

connected cars will respond faster with telits 450 mbps lte advanced automotive grade module

Connected cars are already here and self driving cars don’t seem very far off in the future. With connected cars making their transition, they have to deal with more data as they go and that means more data traffic. Telit, an Italian based enterprise, has announced the launch of its new smart module to increase the speed of connectivity to connected cars.

Telit announced its new LE940A9 smart module, the industry’s first automotive-grade module to support LTE Advanced Category 9 technology in networking. The series of modules offer three multi-mode and multi band variants. It also includes Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and is optimized for automobile manufactures to deliver next generation connected cars.

“In addition to serving as a significant advancement for the connected car industry, the LE940A9 series is a powerful testament to Telit’s continued technology leadership enabling the future of the connected car worldwide,” said Yossi Moscovitz, CEO of Telit Automotive Solutions.

Telit has led the industry of auto motive grade modules with its xE94 modules. The LE940A9 smart module is the latest member of the family. It provides a download speed of 450 Mbps and upload speeds up to 50 Mbps with extremely low latency and high security. This will enable the next wave of technologies and IoT services in the automotive industry which act as the backbone of autonomous vehicles.

The LE940A9 comes with an abundance of features including higher security and safety measures. It has support for world class Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, and QZSS. IT supports VoLTE with circuit-switch fall back and safety standards like eCall and ERA GLONASS.

Its most important feature is in its design which can be used anywhere once it is designed. The LE940A9 40×40 mm LGA form factor belongs to the 34x40mm Telit xE920 automotive module family, therefore it offers the OEM or 1 tier integrator providing better flexibility to address feature, regional and economic requirements with a single device design.

"Not only does the LE940A9 enable unprecedented applications with the speed and low latency of Cat 9 of the multi-mode variants but also simplifies integration and reduces costs that help accelerate the development of our OEM partner's global roadmaps,” added Moscovitz.

With the next automotive revolution just around the corner, Telit is providing them with the technology to do that while at the same time cementing its position as the leader in a new field that is ripening for harvest.